1. Malouf Jewelers Privacy Statement
  2. The Information We Need to Process Your Order
  3. Other Information We Collect
  4. Sharing Your Information
  5. Your Consent
  6. Payment Information
  7. Product Availability and Pricing
  8. Fine Jewelry Warranty
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  • Malouf Jewelers Privacy Statement
    1. How does Malouf Jewelers view customer privacy?
    2. Malouf Jewelers value our customer privacy because our customers value their privacy and because we value our customers. Customer privacy is a priority in the online commerce brought to the customer through Malouf Jewelers.

    3. What information is considered private?
    4. All information pertaining directly to the customer is considered private. This information includes the following: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, and credit card number.

    5. Who is authorized to view private information?
    6. Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services staff are authorized to view the customer’s private information (except for the credit card number) so that we are better able to serve that particular customer when and if the customer contacts us for questions and service. Jewelers-Services staff members are authorized to view a customer’s private information for business purposes, since Jewelers-Services is responsible for completing orders made by the customer through Malouf Jewelers.

      Select Jewelers-Services staff members are authorized to access a customer's entered credit card information. However, these staff members use the information for the express purpose of completing the customer’s order through Malouf Jewelers. All credit card information is secured through the Jewelers-Services Secure Server (see Security / Guarantee) and the transaction process which leads to the approval of the customer’s credit card information. During the transaction process, transaction services and financial institutions may view a customer’s private information for the purpose of completing financial transactions.

      Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services will release private information when such information is requested by federal, state, or local legal authorities. Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services will also release private information whenever necessary to protect the legal and physical well-being of the Jewelers-Services program, Malouf Jewelers, the customer, and/or other individuals associated with the Jewelers-Services program.

    7. Who is not authorized to view private information?
    8. Anyone who is not a Jewelers-Services staff member, a staff member of Malouf Jewelers servicing the customer, or a staff member of a transaction service or financial institution involved in the financial transaction process, is not authorized to view private information under normal circumstances.

      It is not the policy of Malouf Jewelers to release a customer’s private information to businesses and organizations engaged in commercial mailings and the like. A customer submits private information for the exclusive purpose of completing an order and receiving service.

    9. Are there security risks for which Malouf Jewelers cannot be held responsible?
    10. Malouf Jewelers Secure Server Guarantee (see Security / Guarantee) serves as the customer’s guarantee of the security of all transactions made through the Jewelers-Services Secure Server using its integrated SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

      When a customer sends private information to Malouf Jewelers through any method other than the Malouf Jewelers Secure Server, no guarantee of the security of private information is provided. All e-mails, telephone calls, letters, and other forms of communication not through the Malouf Jewelers Secure Server, should be considered insecure and able to be intercepted in transit by unauthorized parties. Malouf Jewelers considers the likelihood of interception of such forms of communication by unauthorized parties low but finds it necessary to point out the risk of such interception.

    11. Is there any other information that does not fit the "private" classification and that Malouf Jewelers can record?
    12. Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services frequently have access to information that is not directly related to the customer himself or herself. Malouf Jewelers has the ability to record a user’s IP address (the address that identifies a user’s computer on the Internet); however, in most cases, this information cannot be traced back to the customer. Other information accessible to Malouf Jewelers computer systems through the internet includes, in many cases, the customer’s computer operating system, browser software description, browser version, domain name, and referring web page.

      Malouf Jewelers may use "cookies," or information stored on a customer’s computer, for the purpose of providing online services to the customer. It is the opinion of Malouf Jewelers that the use of "cookies" will benefit the customer, Malouf Jewelers, and the Jewelers-Services program, when applicable, by providing a profile related to the customer’s online history with Malouf Jewelers and the customer’s preferences.

      The customer should be aware that the above types of information, among others, may be sent by his or her computer across the Internet and that he or she may not be aware of it. Use of Malouf Jewelers Web site implies permission given to Jewelers-Services to track this information for research purposes.

    Malouf Jewelers: Accuracy of Information

    Malouf Jewelers takes measures to ensure the accuracy of material on its Web site.

    In the rare event of inaccurate information being presented on its Web site, Malouf Jewelers disclaims responsibility for such inaccuracy but will correct the inaccurate information as soon as possible once informed of the inaccuracy.

    Malouf Jewelers: Use of the Malouf Jewelers Web site

    The customer takes full responsibility for use of the Malouf Jewelers Web site. The Malouf Jewelers Secure Server Guarantee insures the security of online credit card transactions; within the parameters outlined on the Security / Guarantee page. Jewelers-Services will take responsibility for the security of online credit card transactions.

    Any material submitted to Malouf Jewelers, other than credit card information, by any means, with or without the customer’s knowledge, becomes the property of Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services; Jewelers-Services reserves the right to record and store such material for internal business activities and for cooperation with Malouf Jewelers.

    Use of the Malouf Jewelers Web site implies acceptance of and agreement to the following statements. All material on the Malouf Jewelers Web site is provided "as-is," without any warranty, to the fullest extent allowed under the law. Malouf Jewelers is not responsible for problems related to the use of the Malouf Jewelers Web site, including, but not limited to, computer system damage, unavailable network connections, and financial problems experienced by the customer other than those that result from credit card fraud as detailed in the Security / Guarantee. While Malouf Jewelers and Jewelers-Services have a business relationship and provide services to the customer, Jewelers-Services is not responsible for the actions of people associated with Malouf Jewelers who obtain information that an official representative of Malouf Jewelers is authorized by Jewelers-Services to obtain. Retail affiliates have commercial Web sites, many of which are hosted by Jewelers-Services; Jewelers-Services is not responsible for the content of retail affiliates’ Web sites. Jewelers-Services reserves these rights to the maximum extent permitted under applicable laws.

    All terms and conditions stated by Malouf Jewelers are done so under the laws of the State of Ohio, United States of America, regardless of any conflicts of law. If any part of the terms and conditions is found to be inapplicable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions remain valid and enforceable.

    These conditions may change at the reasonable discretion of Malouf Jewelers. If the conditions are changed, they will be posted in updated form on the Malouf Jewelers Web site. Malouf Jewelers reserves the right to nullify the terms and conditions stated in its Web site at any time.

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  • The Information We Need to Process Your Order
  • You explicitly provide information via:

    New Account Form or Contact with Customer Service

    • To process your order, we require your name, phone number, billing address, email address, shipping address and credit card information.
    • We only use this information to create your account and/or to process your order. If any questions arise about your order we will contact you first by email and then, if necessary, by phone.
    • We share only necessary information with the third parties that are involved in the order process, such as the financial institution that issued your credit card, the shipping carrier and Jewelers-Services customer service representatives. (NOTE: We would be obligated to disclose individual personal information if Jewelers-Services were to be subpoenaed or ordered by a court of law.)

    We Automatically Collect:

    Shopper ID

    • Upon visiting our Malouf Jewelers, we assigned you a unique Shopper ID in the form of a cookie. We use this ID to keep track of your shopping basket during your visit.

    Internet Protocol (IP) Address

    • We record your IP address each time you visit Malouf Jewelers. Recording IP addresses helps us determine usage and traffic patterns.

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  • Sharing Your Information
  • Information is Not Shared
    Aside from the previously mentioned third parties involved in the processing of your order, we do not share your personally identifiable information with any other entities without your express permission.

    External Links
    Our Web site may include links to other Web sites. If you decide to follow these links, we are not responsible for the privacy policies and content of these Web sites. Generally, we will inform you of these links.

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  • Your Consent
  • By using our Web site, you consent to the usage and collection of this information. If we decide to alter our privacy policy, these changes will be posted on this page so that you will always be informed about what information is collected, how it is used, and under what circumstances it will be disclosed.

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  • Payment Information
  • Malouf Jewelers gladly accepts payments for purchases in the form of credit card. We can only process orders within the United States and Canada and US territories. Malouf Jewelers retains the right to cancel orders that appear fraudulent or suspect. We report all fraudulent transactions to proper authorities. To insure prompt processing of your order, please insure that your ship to address exactly matches that of your credit card billing address. If you have further questions regarding orders, please email Malouf Jewelers.

    Credit Cards
    Malouf Jewelers accepts the following credit cards for payment:
    American Express

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  • Product Availability and Pricing
  • We have established relationships with several of the best suppliers to acquire an exceptional selection of diamonds and fine jewelry. Because our product selection is large, there is a possibility that product availability and pricing might change before we have an opportunity to update our Web site. Our prices are also subject to change without notice.

    Infrequently, prices may be inaccurately displayed on our Web site due to system errors. While we make every attempt to avoid these errors, they may occur. We reserve the right to correct any and all errors when they do occur and we do not honor inaccurate or erroneous prices. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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  • Fine Jewelry Warranty
  • Limited 30-Day Warranty
    All fine diamond, colored gemstone, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry sold by Malouf Jewelers is genuine, authentic and of consistent high quality and value. All diamonds are individually cut and polished by master diamond cutters to bring out each diamond’s natural beauty and fire. All colored gemstones are cut and polished by gem cutters to maximize each stone's brilliance and color. All gold jewelry is individually molded, shaped and polished to a high luster. Highly trained jewelry setters and polishers then finish each piece of fine jewelry to meet the most exacting standards of our industry. Certain selected diamond solitaires are accompanied by an Independent Lab Certificate from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD or IGI.

    This warranty covers each item of fine jewelry for defects in manufacturing only and expressly excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, loss and theft. This warranty is valid only at Malouf Jewelers. Improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than Malouf Jewelers will void this warranty. Jewelers-Services, LLC DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF WRITTEN OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF THIS ITEM, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS, WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty is valid only in the U.S.

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  • Opt-Out Policy
  • To opt out of receiving communications from Malouf Jewelers, contact us at Malouf Jewelers.

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  • Contacting Us
  • If you have any questions or comments regarding this statement, please contact Malouf Jewelers.

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